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Language Learning Pro Tip: Vocabulary Lists are Useless

In the 7 months that I’ve been in my Applied Linguistics Master’s Program, I’ve learned a crazy amount of information about second language acquisition theory and practical learning and teaching applications of that knowledge.  Some of this information was new to me, and some of it confirmed what I had already figured out via trial and error in my own language learning journey.

I finally feel ready to start compiling some of this information and presenting it here in the form of “pro tips”. Continue reading “Language Learning Pro Tip: Vocabulary Lists are Useless”

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Teaching My Brother Korean

I’ve tried to get my little brother and my parents interested in learning Korean several times, but it always seems to fail.  I keep trying, though, especially with my little brother, since I’m older than him and therefore have the power to force him to do things.

Finally, this past Sunday, I succeeded! Continue reading “Teaching My Brother Korean”

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To Flashcard or Not To Flashcard


They seem like such a basic, simple study tool, and yet I’ve rarely been inclined to use them.  When I have used them, I typically spend at least twice as long making the flashcards as I do actually using them for studying.  (Side note – this post is referencing physical, paper flashcards, not flashcards online or in apps, like Quizlet.) Continue reading “To Flashcard or Not To Flashcard”