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Summer Goals – Reading Galore!

May is already over!  My “Month of Reading” wasn’t the smashing success I had hoped it would be, mostly due to my own lack of effort.  My life is on a different schedule once again due to my moving home for the summer, and I just never formed good study habits once that happened. Continue reading “Summer Goals – Reading Galore!”

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Quarterly Report – I’m still alive!

되게 오랜만이죠?  ^^

This is definitely the longest I’ve ever gone without updating this blog.  Over 3 months!  I’ve been neck-deep in my teaching internship these past few months, and have been busier than I ever expected to be.  (Hence the lack of recent posts.)

I’m still alive, although I’m sad to say Continue reading “Quarterly Report – I’m still alive!”

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November Progress and December Goals

Man, time has been whizzing by lately.  These past few weeks have been crazy busy for me, with finals week and a billion projects and assignments all being due.  I haven’t even checked my WordPress reader in over 2 weeks, even though I normally check it daily.  I’m sure I have hundreds of posts to catch up on.

That busyness is also the reason why  I’m over a week late with my November progress report. XD Better late than never, I suppose. Continue reading “November Progress and December Goals”