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Change of Plans — Postponing the TOPIK

Yesterday I went to a PC방 after work to try and register for the TOPIK in January. I’m not sure why, but the registration process doesn’t work with Apple products, so I couldn’t use my laptop to do it from home.

There is only one week where you can register for the TOPIK, and yesterday was the second day of registration. I was quite surprised to see that both testing locations in Daegu were already completely sold out for the TOPIK II. That’s almost 500 people who beat me to registration.

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Taking the TOPIK Again: My Goals/Motivation

Ever since I took the TOPIK last October (read about my experience and results here and here), I’ve been looking forward to the chance to take the test again and see my improvement over time. I especially wanted to take advantage of the fact that I’m living in Korea this year, where the test is given six times per year and at a variety of locations. I had to drive quite a long way to get to the test location last year, and it’ll be nice to have the testing location in the city that I live in.

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My First TOPIK Results!

I took the 60th TOPIK back in October, and it was quite the experience.  I didn’t really spend very much time preparing (or really any time at all), so I walked into the test quite unprepared.

I tried to make up for this failure to prepare by telling myself that this would give me a more realistic picture of my current Korean ability, instead of an inflated score due to last-second cramming.  As it turns out, it was very stupid to be unprepared, at least in one particular subject: the rules of the test itself. Continue reading “My First TOPIK Results!”

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My New Korean Focus – Taking the TOPIK

In typical blogger fashion (or is it just me?), I’ll start off this post by lamenting about the embarrassing 6-month long hiatus I’ve taken from updating my blog.  Despite the fact that few people (if any) have even noticed my absence, I always feel obligated to address it.

While I’m sure you’re all dying to know what fun language-learning adventures I’ve experienced in the first half of 2018, those will have to wait until a later post.  Today I’m going to talk about one of my new short-term goals: taking the 60th TOPIK this October. Continue reading “My New Korean Focus – Taking the TOPIK”