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Not Part of the Family

A huge part of Korean culture consists of fake “family relationships” that people establish with their close friends and peers.  If you have a friend who is older than you, Continue reading “Not Part of the Family”

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Cute Videos – ToppDogg Trying to Pronounce Western/English Names

I ran across these videos on Youtube a while back and thought I’d share them here.  They’re both from February of last year, and they’re videos on Megan Bowen’s (aka MigookSaram) Youtube channel.  She posts a lot of cool videos about Korean life/culture/stuff in general, so I would recommend checking it out.

These two videos feature K-pop band ToppDogg trying to pronounce Western names. Continue reading “Cute Videos – ToppDogg Trying to Pronounce Western/English Names”

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To 누나, From 바보

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!  I’ve been enjoying my break off school, and in one week I’ll be heading off to my internship orientation for next semester (my last semester of undergrad!).

During the 2.5 weeks I’ve already spent on Christmas break, I’ve not only been studying Korean (almost) every day, but I’ve also renewed my efforts to teach my younger brother Korean.  I wrote a blog post about teaching him how to read Korean a while ago (here), but in the 9 months since then, I hadn’t taught him much more than that. Continue reading “To 누나, From 바보”

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I’m not an 아줌마….right?

If you’ve watched any k-dramas, you’re probably already familiar with what an 아줌마 (“ajumma”) is.  If not, the term 아줌마 usually refers to a middle-aged woman.  It literally means “aunt”, but the term can be used to address any middle-aged woman you encounter.

The reason that I’m writing a post about the term 아줌마 is because I have been called an 아줌마 TWICE in the past month. Continue reading “I’m not an 아줌마….right?”

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Language Tag! :)

I’ve had the honor of being tagged by Alina of Korea Squirrel to do this language tag.  I’ve seen a few of these tags over the past couple of months, and it’s really cool to read other language learners’ backgrounds and stories.  I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks since I last posted, but I finally found some time to respond to this tag and share my own story with the world.

Here goes!

Continue reading “Language Tag! :)”