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The Overwhelming Pressure of a Compliment

I’m a perfectionist. When I do something, I like to do it well, and if possible, I want to be the best. This drive is what allowed me to power through grad school and my thesis, and it also makes me fiercely competitive, even when I’m just hanging out playing bowling or ping pong with my friends. If I’m having an off day and can’t perform well, it’s hard for me to have fun, even if I’m just playing a meaningless game.

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Korean Speaking Encounters — Korean Conversation Cafe

Followers of this blog will probably know that for several years now, one of my biggest goals has been to improve my Korean speaking skills. Every year I list it as one of my main goals, and every year I still feel nervous and insecure about my Korean speaking.

Over the past year, I’ve actually improved my Korean speaking quite a bit. Finally! After years of wishing for improvement, starting last fall, I’ve actually been taking steps to practice speaking Korean. I wish I could take the credit and say that I just woke up suddenly motivated to start speaking to my friends in Korean, but that’s not what happened.

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Goals for 2019

Here we are, almost 3 weeks into the new year, and I’m just now getting around to posting my goals for the rest of the upcoming year. I’m finally emerging from the stressful, procrastination-driven thesis-writing vortex that I’ve been in for the past month (although it’s not quite over yet), and I can finally start focusing more on other things, like my language learning goals for the upcoming year.

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My First TOPIK Results!

I took the 60th TOPIK back in October, and it was quite the experience.  I didn’t really spend very much time preparing (or really any time at all), so I walked into the test quite unprepared.

I tried to make up for this failure to prepare by telling myself that this would give me a more realistic picture of my current Korean ability, instead of an inflated score due to last-second cramming.  As it turns out, it was very stupid to be unprepared, at least in one particular subject: the rules of the test itself. Continue reading “My First TOPIK Results!”