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Summer Goals – Reading Galore!

May is already over!  My “Month of Reading” wasn’t the smashing success I had hoped it would be, mostly due to my own lack of effort.  My life is on a different schedule once again due to my moving home for the summer, and I just never formed good study habits once that happened.

That said, I did get some reading done during the past 31 days.  While I definitely didn’t read every single day like I’d hoped, I did manage to finish reading 준비물 챙기기, the cute children’s book I had started at some point last year.  Not only did I simply read through the stories, but I also made Quizlet flashcard sets and studied all of the new vocabulary that I found in the stories.  Then, once I had the vocab for each short story down, I would go back through the story at least once and read through it again without needing to look up any vocabulary.

I really enjoyed this process, because going back and re-encountering all of the new vocabulary in its original context is really helpful for internalizing those words.  Also, it was fun to see how much faster and easier it was to read the short stories when I wasn’t looking up words.  While reading a short story for the first time was a process that took daily 30-minute chunks spread out over a week or more, the second time reading through it would often only take 20 minutes.

This said, I want to continue this focus on reading throughout the rest of the summer and turn it into a “Summer of Reading”.  Even though I didn’t read nearly as much as I had planned last month, I still saw some progress with my reading speed, and my vocabulary bank has also improved a lot.  I have two more children’s books that I wanted to work through this year, and if I actually commit to reading every day, I might even be able to finish them both this summer.

My next book to attack is called 어느 날 갑자기 (One Day, All of a Sudden).  This book is not only longer (128 pages compared to 96 pages), but also has slightly smaller font and fewer illustrations.  Hopefully I can power through this book within the month of June.

I also want to re-focus on some of the goals I made on the beginning of the year that have kind of fallen to the wayside, like working with my Fun Fun Korean textbook and making monthly Lang-8 posts.  And let’s not forget reviewing some of the Chinese and Japanese vocabulary/grammar to keep my college skills from totally fading away.

Despite the fact that I’m playing tennis and just got a part-time job waitressing, summer is still the time of year where I have the most free time, so I’m really hoping to start capitalizing on that free time instead of piddling away the time doing other, less meaningful things.  Time to form some good summer habits!


5 thoughts on “Summer Goals – Reading Galore!

  1. So how many cards did you get in the end? Also do you add all the words you looked up or do you cull the words to add to anki?


    1. I added pretty much all of the words that I look up, which ended up being 302 words throughout the whole book.
      I add the words to a set Quizlet (not all together, but in groups of 30-50 words usually). Then I can glance through all of the new words I saw at least once, and I “star” the words that I really want to focus on learning, which lets me study them separately.


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