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Quarterly Report – I’m still alive!

되게 오랜만이죠?  ^^

This is definitely the longest I’ve ever gone without updating this blog.  Over 3 months!  I’ve been neck-deep in my teaching internship these past few months, and have been busier than I ever expected to be.  (Hence the lack of recent posts.)

I’m still alive, although I’m sad to say my Korean studying habits were pulverized in the craziness of the internship.  Still, I thought I’d drop a quick post detailing what I was able to accomplish during the first quarter of 2017.

  • January – This was the golden fuzzy period of my internship before the true craziness hit, so I was still able to maintain a fairly consistent daily routine for my studying.  I studied Korean for 27/31 days of January — for the first 15 days of the month, I averaged 38 minutes of studying per day, and for the second half of the month, when my life started getting a little crazier, I only averaged 13 minutes of studying per day.  Still, I was studying pretty much every day, so it was a good month.
  • February – Oh, February.  This was when my internship started imploding with stress and deadlines, and my Korean studying definitely suffered.  I studied Korean maybe 7 or 8 days out of the 28?  I didn’t write down every day that I studied, and I never studied more than 10 minutes in one day.  Definitely not the best month for my Korean studies.
  • March – March started out the same as February, with a frenzy of stress and craziness, and I continued to not do much in the way of Korean.  However, at the end of the month, I stopped carpooling with the other intern at my school, and since then, I’ve been able to listen to Talk to Me in Korean podcasts in my car on the way to and from school, since I have to commute.  This has really been great for reintroducing Korean into my daily routine, and I’ve been averaging around 30 minutes of studying per day through those podcasts alone.

Overall a rather pathetic quarter, but for pretty good reasons.  The rest of the year can only get better, right?

As for my goals for the year that I mentioned in my last post (read it here!), I definitely fell through in February and March, but now that I’m approaching the end of my internship, I’m renewing my efforts to try to accomplish those goals for the remainder of the year.

I also have a couple of fun announcements to make but I’ll save them for a later post, so keep an eye out for that!  I promise it won’t take 3 months this time 🙂


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