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December Progress Report

Happy New Year!

Yet another month has flown by, and it’s time for another Korean studying progress report.

It’s only my second month using this record-keeping system, and so far it’s been a good self-motivation technique.  I kept the same standards for myself as I used for last month, and rated each day using these guidelines:

  • 0 minutes: Failure
  • 1-20 minutes: Poor
  • 21-40 minutes: Success
  • 40+ minutes: Superstar

In November, when I first implemented this accountability system, I had 16 Failures, 3 Poors, 10 Successes, and 1 Superstar day. My main goal for December was to do better than November.

December’s Results:

And I did indeed do better.  Here’s how the numbers turned out:

  • Failure: 10 days
  • Poor: 2 days
  • Success: 9 days
  • Superstar: 10 days

If you ignore the week of final exams, the numbers get even better, with only 3 Failure days and 1 Poor day.

The average time I studied each day in December was about 25 minutes per day.  Excluding the “failure” days, where I didn’t study at all, the average time I studied each day was about 37 minutes.

I mainly studied by listening to TTMIK Level 8-9 Grammar Podcasts, reviewing some of TTMIK’s Iyagis, and studying a few chapters of the 재미있는 한국어 3 Textbook that I bought for my Korean class at Korea University.

January Goals:

I’m planning to continue this self-accountability system into January and see if I can continue to improve my stats.  I’m tempted to increase the number of minutes required to call a day a Success or Superstar day, but I’m about to start a full-time internship and will undoubtedly become fairly busy, so I’ll maintain the same daily standards.

On a larger scale, I’m going to think for a day or two about my goals for 2017 and post within the next few days about what I want myself to accomplish with my language learning in the next year.


4 thoughts on “December Progress Report

  1. I just realized we are both tracking skills numerically like this. XD
    I also can’t believe that your November post was a month ago. I mean, that makes sense, but how is it already time for another???!!! Good job with improving your stats.

    Liked by 1 person

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