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To 누나, From 바보

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!  I’ve been enjoying my break off school, and in one week I’ll be heading off to my internship orientation for next semester (my last semester of undergrad!).

During the 2.5 weeks I’ve already spent on Christmas break, I’ve not only been studying Korean (almost) every day, but I’ve also renewed my efforts to teach my younger brother Korean.  I wrote a blog post about teaching him how to read Korean a while ago (here), but in the 9 months since then, I hadn’t taught him much more than that.

Ever since he started watching Running Man with me he’s become MUCH more interested in the language.  Whereas he used to push me away as soon as I dangled the Korean alphabet in front of him, now he’s pretty gung-ho about the whole situation.

If you have someone you want to study Korean with you, just get them hooked on a Korean show.  Apparently it works wonders.

Anyway, this Christmas break I decided to start a more structured learning path for him, so I got him started listening to Talk to Me in Korean’s grammar podcasts, and we are also going through my Integrated Korean book that I bought 6 years ago.  He’s made it all the way through Chapter 1 of the Integrated Korean book, and right now we are up to Level 1 Lesson 13 in the grammar podcasts.  He’s also learned the phrase “싫어” from 4Minute’s song Hate, which he now shouts out at random moments when he doesn’t want to do something.

I’m continually both ecstatic and amused at his learning progress.  His interest in learning (after 6 years of my goading him) has me over the moon, and his strong American accent (especially with ㄹ) and the random Korean things he says to me constantly crack me up.  When he gave me a Christmas present labeled “To 누나, From 바보”,  it really warmed my heart.  (바보 is the nickname I’ve given him.  Even my parents know that word now.)

We’ll see how much farther we can get with his progress until I have to leave for school again. I have a feeling that once I leave, his progress will come to a halt, since he’ll be heading back to school again, too, and he doesn’t really have the will to study on his own yet.


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