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November Progress and December Goals

Man, time has been whizzing by lately.  These past few weeks have been crazy busy for me, with finals week and a billion projects and assignments all being due.  I haven’t even checked my WordPress reader in over 2 weeks, even though I normally check it daily.  I’m sure I have hundreds of posts to catch up on.

That busyness is also the reason why  I’m over a week late with my November progress report. XD Better late than never, I suppose.

So, my goal was to study at least a little bit every day, just to get me back into a someone regular habit of studying Korean.  Here’s how I rated each day:

  • 0 minutes: Failure
  • 1-20 minutes: Poor
  • 21-40 minutes: Success
  • 40+ minutes: Superstar

Now, obviously I didn’t sit down with a stopwatch and time every minute and second I studied, but I did glance at the clock before and after I finished studying and estimated around how long I had studied.

November’s Results:

My stats aren’t stellar this month, but I’m going to excuse myself since it was such a crazy time.

  • Failure: 16 days
  • Poor: 3 days
  • Success: 10 days
  • Superstar: 1 day

I think there were a few days that I listened to a Korean podcast in the car and forgot to write it down later, so it was actually probably more like 13 failed days, and a few more poor and success days.

While that means I did zero studying for basically half of the month, I did have family in town for the week of Thanksgiving, and between that and the crazy stuff school threw at me near the end of the month, I don’t feel as bad as I normally would about those missed days.

December Goals:

Last month definitely showed improvement from the almost nonexistent studying schedule I had been implementing before November, so I’m going to try again this month and see how much I can study.  I haven’t done any studying for the first 8 days of the month, due to finals and other life stuff, but from here on out I’m going to try to beat last month’s stats and study every day from here on out.  I have a part-time job, and I’ll need to prepare some for my internship next semester, but I should still have plenty of time for studying each day.


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