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Setting Goals: November 2016

How is it November already? 2016 has really flown by.

Once again a month has passed without anything much to report. This month I’m determined to study more Korean, so I’m setting specific goals for myself. Pretty small goals, but goals nonetheless.

I think one of the main reasons that I haven’t been studying Korean as much lately is because I keep waiting for a big chunk of free time where I can sit down and focus only on Korean for an hour or two at a time. I’m not stupid, so I really should know by now that those huge lovely chunks of free time are few and far between.

That said, I’m altering my way of thinking. Every day of November I’m going to try and study at least a little bit every day, even in little chunks throughout the day. I’m going to keep track of how much I study each day and report back at the end of the month how well I managed to keep up. Here’s how I’ll score myself:

  • 0 minutes: Failure
  • 1-20 minutes: Poor
  • 21-40 minutes: Success
  • 40+ minutes: Superstar

Obviously I’m not setting the bar too high here. My main goal is just to get back into the groove of studying every day.

Looking back through the years, the most productive periods in my language learning journey were the times when I was working on Korean every day, even if it was just reviewing a few flashcards or listening to one podcast. A fairly obvious statement (duh, of course you improve when you study every day), and yet it’s so easy to give up that daily routine. Hopefully this simple system will help motivate me. So far it’s working…

I’ll report back in December with November’s results!


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