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Culture Tidbits — Sideview Mirrors

Today I wanted to post about an interesting phenomenon that I’ve noticed during my stay in Seoul.

On the way to Korea University’s campus from my dorm, I walk through a few narrow side streets, and those side streets usually have cars parked along the curb.  Since the streets are so narrow, almost all of the cars have their sideview mirrors folded in.

Yes, I creepily stopped in the middle of the street to take a photo of someone’s parked car.

It’s logical, but I’ve never seen anything like it, probably because I’ve never lived anywhere with such narrow streets before.  Personally, I would probably forget to fold them out again until I was on a busy street trying to change lanes >_<

A lot of the cars also have these little blue foam pads on their doors, which supposedly prevent other cars from scraping against them.  Or maybe the pads are there to prevent that person from scratching other people’s cars when they open their car doors?  I’m not sure how well they work, since they’re such small little pads, but they must be somewhat effective considering how many cars I’ve seen with them.

A different white car, this time with 2 blue foam pads.

I guess it’s better to have silly-looking bright blue pads on your car than a scratch?


3 thoughts on “Culture Tidbits — Sideview Mirrors

  1. Some cars automatically fold in the mirrors when you switch off the engine and then fold them back out when you turn it on again 🙂 I only realised when my brother rented a car in Denmark and the car did it by itself. Really cool, and it totally makes sense considering how narrow some of the streets are here in Korea.
    So THAT’s what the funky blue thingies are for! I noticed them today 🙂

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    1. Magical. It’s interesting how different cars have different cool features depending on where you live. In the US that would be a totally unnecessary feature, but here in Korea it’s definitely useful.


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