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Adventures at Lotte World

I’ve been so busy going on exciting adventures here in Seoul that I’m quite behind in blogging about them.  One of those exciting adventures occurred last Friday, when our group had the opportunity to go to Lotte World.

Lotte World is made up of two main parts:  the largest indoor theme park in the world, and an outdoor theme park called Magic Island.  My friends and I were only at the parks for a few hours, so we didn’t have the chance to go on all the rides, but we definitely enjoyed our time there.

I’ll describe the 4 main attractions that we rode/enjoyed, and then I’ll post some videos that show more of what the park has to offer.

Gyro Drop (outdoor)

This ride was a very, very tall ride (236ft) that basically does what its name says:  it spins you (slowly) as you are lifted to the top of the tower, pauses dramatically at the top for about 20 painful seconds, and then drops you all the way to the bottom.  There’s only the one big drop, not the typical up-down-up-down that you see on this type of ride, which made the line move a lot faster.

The best part about waiting in line is that when the Gyro Drop drops, it produces a ENORMOUS, typhoon-like gust of wind that feels great in the summer heat.  The best part about the ride itself is that you can basically see all of Seoul from the top of the tower (or at least it seems like it).  That also makes it rather terrifying.

Gyro Swing (outdoor)

This was a little less terrifying and a lot more fun for me personally.  This ride basically swung you back and forth like a pendulum while also spinning you around in circles.  At the peak of the pendulum part it almost feels like the ride is completely perpendicular to the ground, at about forty feet in the air, while you’re also spinning.

The best part about the ride is that everyone sits facing outwards, which means that you’re staring at scenery and the park around you instead of inside the ride.  Bottom line, it was fun.

Tomb of Horror — Death to Escape (indoor)

This was an attraction that was basically like a haunted house that you walked through.  At this point in the day we were walking around looking for things that didn’t have much of a line, and the line for this was pretty short, so we decided to give it a shot.

Downside to this ride:  it costs money.  I think it was 3,000 won per person, which is about $2.60 USD.  Was it worth it?  Eh.

There were five of us who decided to pay the money and go through the “Tomb of Horror”, and somehow I ended up being in the back of the group with another girl.  Since the whole ride is basically walking around dark corners and having things jump at you, this means that we heard the guys in front of us yelp at the scares but weren’t able to see them for ourselves.  The scariest part of the ride was when actual people dressed creepily would suddenly be standing right next to you and tap you on the shoulder.

This type of attraction generally isn’t my style anyways, since I’m more of a thrill-ride person at amusement parks, but it wasn’t horribly bad either.

French Revolution (indoor)

This was the only roller coaster that we had the chance to ride, but it was hands down my favorite ride of the day.  Even though it was part of the indoor theme park, the actual roller coaster is what I would call “outdoor” style.  What I mean by that is that instead of being a self-contained roller coaster, like Space Mountain, the roller coaster wound around other attractions in the park, as shown in the photo below.


Downside to this ride:  the line was super long.  I think we waited for over an hour and a half to ride it.  If the line was more like 30 minutes I might have ridden it multiple times, but over an hour wait was a little too much to ride it repeatedly.

And that was basically all we did at Lotte World.  There’s still so much more we didn’t have the chance to explore!  If the lines for the attractions had been shorter, we probably would have ridden more rides, but I’m still happy with the experience that we did have.

Here are two super-short videos from when EXO did a promotion at Lotte World that will help you get a better idea of what the park is like.  They also contain video footage of some of the rides I rode!  😀


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