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So Close I Can Taste It — D-3!!

My flight is so close now that I’m kind of in denial.  I only have 3 more days to get everything on my rather large to-do list done before I’m outta here.

Like an idiot, I slacked off my studies big time for a few days last week.  I even broke my beautiful Memrise streak, which was depressing.  But I’m back now, and I’m using these last few days to prepare as best I can.

At this point, I’m not even sure where I should be focusing the most.  I have no idea what the Korean placement test’s format will be, but I’ve decided that I should reinforce my grammar skills in these final days.  I’ve been reviewing several of Talk to Me in Korean’s upper-level grammar podcasts as well as flipping back through the pages of my Korean Grammar in Use books.  I’ve also still been using Memrise for vocabulary.

I have a feeling these next three days are going to be rather stressful, but that’s normal before a big trip, I think.

In four days I’ll be in Seoul!


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