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Studying on Vacation — D-11

This past weekend my family and I went down to Orlando to go to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.  We drove down Friday, went to the parks Friday night and all day Saturday, and then drove home Sunday.  Saturday was my brother’s 15th birthday, so it was a combination of a birthday celebration and just a fun family vacation.

I knew ahead of time that I probably wouldn’t get much studying done while we were actually in Orlando.  Since we were only there for a short time, we had plans to maximize our fun time by staying in the parks from the time they opened until the time they closed. This left little time for any studying, and little energy to study with.

However, I made big plans to study during our drive.  The drive from my home to Orlando takes about 7 hours, so driving there and back would give me 14 hours of just sitting in the backseat doing nothing.  I decided not to waste those 14 hours, so I brought lots of studying that I could work on in the car.

Unfortunately, I got rather carsick on the drive and only felt better when I stared out the front window.  I don’t usually get that carsick, even in the backseat, but oh well.  There was no way I was going to make my carsickness worse by trying to read my grammar book, so I abandoned those plans entirely.

Thankfully, on the drive back, my dad offered to ride in the backseat for most of the drive so that I could sit in the front seat and not feel nauseous for 7 hours.  Though I felt better, I still decided not to take any risks by reading, so I ignored my textbooks once again.  I did manage to listen to a few grammar podcasts I had on my phone, but outside of that, I didn’t accomplish any of my goals.  😦

I did bring along my computer as well, so I was able to keep up with my Memrise streak by reviewing vocabulary at the hotel.  As of today I have a 32-day streak — my longest ever.

So instead of the hours of productivity I had envisioned, I only ended up listening to two podcasts and doing some vocabulary review.  I’ll admit that I’m not that disappointed — it was, after all, a vacation.

Only 11 short days until I leave!  That’s insane — almost as insane as this roller coaster that I road twice with my brother.  The incline is COMPLETELY VERTICAL (aka terrifying).


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