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Summer is Here! D-44

Only 44 days until I leave for Korea.  Words cannot express how terrifying that is.  So many things to learn, so little time…

I finished up with my final exams last week and moved back home.  With so little time left until my departure, my life now revolves solely around two things:  making money through my part-time job for the Korea trip and learning Korean.  Or at least it should… my first few days back I was admittedly rather lazy, but I’ll cut myself some slack since I had just finished a busy semester.

Now I’m going through the process of trying to create a semi-structured study schedule (try saying that 5 times fast haha) for my Korean learning before my trip.  I haven’t totally decided yet, but so far I’ve decided to focus mainly on Talk to Me in Korean’s Iyagis and the Intermediate Korean Grammar in Use book.  Iyagis will be my main source of new vocabulary, listening practice, and reading practice, and obviously Korean Grammar in Use will be my grammar source.  My baseline goal is to thoroughly study at least one Iyagi and one grammar point every day.  I still haven’t completely solidified what my method for “thoroughly studying” an Iyagi will be, but basically it includes listening to the Iyagi several times throughout the day, reading through the Iyagi a few times and highlighting the new vocabulary, and adding those vocabulary to the Memrise course that I created.

In addition to that daily foundation, I’m also going to sprinkle in some studying with my News in Korean textbook and with, which is a great resource for writing practice.  I’m also hoping to reestablish my bedtime reading of 해리 포터와 비밀의 방/Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which I’ve sadly ignored for the past several weeks.

For an update in the drama-world, I’ve officially finished watching Descendants of the Sun, which is tragic.  However, I haven’t watched the bonus episode yet, partially because I just haven’t had the time, and partially because after I watch the bonus episode, I will truly be finished with Descendants of the Sun.  Depressing.

Also, my brother is now addicted to Running Man along with me.  It’s great to have someone to make RM references with, and it’s causing him to be more interested in the Korean language.  Yay!


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