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Impressing Random Korean Kids — D-54

Yesterday my city had a huge festival with art vendors, lots of food, and a kids play area with huge inflatable slides and bounce houses.  Since I work for the city, I was required to work the entire 13 hour event.

During part of the day I worked in the inflatables section, which basically meant that I stood at the bottom of the inflatable slide and made sure kids got off the ride and didn’t slide into each other.  I had fun eavesdropping on all of the Chinese and Korean kids who went down the slide with their friends.

When I saw a Korean brother and sister about to slide down the slide, I decided to have some fun with them.  I’d say the boy was around 5 years old, and the girl was maybe 6 or 7.  After they slid down, I asked “좋았어?”  They were totally not paying attention to me, so they just hopped off the inflatable right past me.  After a second, the boy realized what I had just said, and he whipped his head around, looked at me, and then freaked out.  For at least the next minute, he kept chattering on about how “그 아줌마 좋았다고 말했어!!”

I’m glad I was able to blow his mind.  His reaction was so adorable.


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