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New Textbook Arrived!! — D-63

So this week instead of giving a weekly update as usual, I’m going to talk about my new textbook that arrived.  Mostly because I hardly studied at all this week…  ㅠ.ㅠ

On Tuesday my new copy of News in Korean arrived on my doorstep.  I’m super excited!!  It’s published by the ever-lovely folks at Talk to Me in Korean.  I haven’t actually looked at the book much since my life has been crazy, but I did glance through it when it arrived.  I absolutely adore the graphic design of this book.  TTMIK, whoever your graphic designer was for this book, keep them!!  The font and layout are so simple and cute, and I like the color scheme as well.  Two thumbs up.

About a year ago (or maybe a little less… I don’t remember), I was considering subscribing to TTMIK’s old version of News in Korean, which I believe gave you 6 news articles per week via email.  I ended up deciding not to spend the money on it, since I wasn’t sure I had the time to study that much on a weekly basis.  A few months later I decided to go ahead and subscribe, but when I went to TTMIK’s website, it had been discontinued.  I definitely regretting not subscribing earlier when I had the chance.

Then, lo and behold, they published it in book form!  I actually prefer physical books to the ebook format anyways, so maybe this is the best of both worlds.

Anyways, I have one more week of craziness before my life calms down, so I’ll probably wait until then to official start studying my new textbook.  Once I do start, I’m planning/hoping to study one news article per day.

One more fun fact: when you Google Image search “news in korean ttmik”, a picture of Sofie from Sofie to Korea comes up in the 8th row.  Sofie, you’re famous!  😀


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