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Two Steps Closer to Korea!

Today I did two super-important things related to my study abroad.  First, I sent in the application to have my passport renewed, and second, I finally completed my university’s portion of the study abroad application.  Every time I check one of these things off of my to-do list, it makes the trip seem so much more real.  (Only 90 more days!!)

It also makes me realize just how freaking expensive traveling abroad is.  I mean, I knew the cost of the program before I signed up, but it’s all of these extra fees that are depressing both me and my sad little broke-college-student bank account.  I mean, is it really necessary to charge over $125 for a passport renewal??  What could possibly cost that much about a little packet of papers??  Beyond that, I had to pay extra to get the passport expedited, shooting the cost up to almost $200.  Sigh.  I know that $200 isn’t really that much compared to other costs of international travel, but it’s $200 that I’d much rather keep than spend…

Anyways, I only have one more form to send in to the actual Korea University part of the application and then I can start registering for classes.  This trip will definitely seem real then.

Now for some linguistics:

  • Passport in Korean is 여권, which comes from the Hanja 旅券
  • Passport in Chinese (Mandarin) is 照 (hùzhaò)
  • Passport in Spanish is pasaporte.  Yay for cognates!

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