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I’m Going to Korea!

While I technically haven’t finished the application yet, I’m 99% sure that I’m going to be studying abroad in Korea this summer!!  If only there were enough exclamation points to express my excitement about this…

I’ll be attending a six week program at Korea University in Seoul that lasts from late June to early August.  I’ll be taking a Korean language class as well as a Statistics class, and I might add one other class for my Asian Studies minor.

Within the first week of classes I’ll take a placement test to see which level of Korean class I’ll take.  My goal is to get at least Intermediate II, and maybe even Advanced I, which is the highest level they offer.  This gives me a concrete goal to work towards, so I’ll frantically be studying my butt off in the remaining four months until the program starts.

On that note, you may have noticed that my posts have been increasingly sporadic over the past few months.  I’m going to try and start posting weekly updates on how my studying is going.  That way I’ll be held accountable for actually accomplishing something on a consistent basis.


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