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A Look Back: 2015 in Review

It’s amazing how a year can seem both very long and very short all at once.  On one hand, last January seems like such a long time ago, but on the other hand, I feel like the past few years have flown by.

2015 started out a great year for my Korean language learning.  I listened to a ridiculous amount of TTMIK grammar podcasts during the spring semester, and I flew through the entirety of Korean Grammar in Use (Beginner) book during the summer.

Last summer also marked the beginning of this blog, which helped me to stay motivated during my summer break.

Sadly, the fall semester really fell flat.  I wish I had finished the year out strong, but a combination of a really busy schedule and a depressing lack of motivation to spend my spare time on Korean caused me to spend hardly any time on the language this past semester.  There were a few flurries of Korean studying, but for the most part it was a flatline.

Overall, there was a clear decrease in the time and effort put towards my Korean studies throughout the past year.  Started out strong, but had a floundering finish.  For 2016, I’m hoping to reverse that trend and either increase my efforts as the year goes on or at the very least maintain a steady pace.


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