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Christmas Break: Language Goals

Starting from today, I have 30 days left of Christmas Break.  Right now it doesn’t feel like much of a “break”, though, because I’m working pretty much every day for the next few weeks.  Regardless, I’m hoping to make the most of my down time and focus on language learning.

I said I’d post about my goals for this break yesterday, but I ended up not getting to it because of work and then a spontaneous Christmas event my family decided to go to.

Anyways, here are my goals for this break.  I decided to not get too specific, because my work schedule is so weird that I can’t really have a set daily routine until after Christmas.


My main goal for Korean is pretty simple: spend more time studying it.  What I do each day will depend on what I feel like doing that day, whether it’s listening to TTMIK lessons, or studying my Korean Grammar in Use textbook, or doing extra reading or listening comprehension through random Youtube videos or articles.  I’m hoping to get a little more writing practice too using lang8.

I’m also going to continue my nightly routine of Anki vocab review and Harry Potter reading before bed.

My hope is that I will spend at least 1 hour each day on Korean-related activities.  Perhaps after Christmas, when my work schedule dies down, I can increase that to 2 hours per day.  We’ll see.  Right now I’m only spending 15-20 mins per day on Korean, so this will already be tripling my exposure to the language.


In January I’ll be taking Chinese classes again, so I want to brush up on my Mandarin skills before I go back.  My goals are pretty simple: relearn vocabulary.  I’ll probably review a touch of grammar closer to the start of the semester, but for now I’ll focus on the hundreds of characters that I’ve forgotten.

In particular, I want to take some time to learn the most common radicals.  I never had to learn them for my classes, but I feel like they would be super helpful for learning characters in the future.

As far as daily goals go, I’m not expecting too much.  I’d be happy spending just 15 minutes per day reviewing Chinese for the time being.  I might adjust that goal after a few days trying it out.



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