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End of Semester Update

Yesterday was the last day of final exams for me, and I’m now free from school for a whole month.  I’m really excited to have a lot more free time in my daily routine.  This last month was really crazy, with both school and work throwing a lot my way.

In the past month since my last update, I’ve been doing pretty much the same routine.  I’ve been trying to read at least a little bit of Harry Potter each night before I go to sleep, whether it’s just a few sentences or a whole page.  Also, I’ve kept up with my daily vocabulary review pretty well.

My goal was to do a bit more grammar studying throughout the last month, and sadly, that didn’t happen.  I did spend maybe about three hours total reviewing topics in Korean Grammar in Use, but that’s it.  For the whole month.  It’s pretty sad, I know.

Now that I have a month break, I’ll be studying Korean a lot more, and I’ll also be reviewing some Mandarin, since I’ll be taking Chinese classes again next semester.  I’m so excited to be taking Chinese again.  I definitely have missed that class.

Tomorrow I’ll post some more specific goals delineating exactly what I want to accomplish for both languages.


2 thoughts on “End of Semester Update

    1. Yes, I’m reading it in Korean. 🙂 It can definitely be a struggle some days! I usually get through the dialogue okay, but when it comes to long paragraphs of descriptive narrative, my brain starts crying.


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