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Trying Anki for the First Time

I’ve used Quizlet and Memrise in the past for learning vocabulary, and I’ve liked each for different reasons.  I’ve heard of Anki, but until now, I’ve never actually used it.

I’m not sure why I avoided it.  Probably the main reason was that I already had flashcard apps that worked well for me, so why add another?  Also, all the screenshots of Anki made it seem kind of ugly.

But my curiosity has finally gotten the best of me, so I’m trying it out.  They must have updated their layout, because it’s much more modern than the screenshots I’ve seen, which makes it a lot nicer looking. Not as cute as Memrise, but much better than what it apparently used to look like.

So far I’ve downloaded the app to my laptop, and I’ve retrieved a few decks of flashcards.  Anki has an amazing feature — you can get sets of flashcards from other preexisting sets on other sites, like Quizlet.  Because of this awesome feature, I was able to get the Korean vocabulary sets I already created on Quizlet and use them on Anki.  Yay!

Of course, I haven’t actually studied anything on Anki yet.  After I use it for a week or two, I’ll probably post again about how I liked/disliked the experience.

Update: (the next morning)

It appears I downloaded the wrong app.  I downloaded “AnkiApp” from the App Store, which is NOT the same thing as Anki.  That explains why it had a much prettier layout than the Anki screenshots I’ve seen.  It also explains why I couldn’t find any of Anki’s cool features.

I’ve now downloaded the real Anki from their website, and am going to use that.  The feature that I mentioned earlier, where you can import preexisting Quizlet sets, doesn’t seem to exist on the real Anki, but the fake Anki (AnkiApp) didn’t seem to have SRS (spaced-repetition software), which is a pretty big part of the Anki experience.


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