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Achievement Unlocked — Textbook Complete

It’s official.  For the first time in my self-studying career, I’ve finished a textbook.

Yesterday I completed the Beginner book of Korean Grammar in Use, which was super exciting.  It felt great to turn that last page.  Typically I abandon textbooks korean grammar in usehalfway through because I lose motivation…

I got through the entire book in less than two months — I started July 17, and I finished September 8.  That’s insane!  Of course, that was only possible because I had already studied almost all of the topics through my TTMIK studies.

Because I had seen the material before, I treated the book more like a mental review than an active studying textbook.  I didn’t take any notes, but I did look up every vocabulary word I didn’t recognize and jot it down.  I noticed myself looking up fewer and fewer words as time passed.  That progress felt great, especially since my weak point is vocabulary.

Now it’s on to other material–primarily the Intermediate book, which I got for my birthday.  I will DEFINITELY not finish that book in under two months.  If I’m really motivated, maybe I’ll get through it by Christmas.  I doubt it, but we’ll see.

I’m also going to start going through my Harry Potter book.  I promised myself I would start once I finished this textbook.  To be honest, I’m kind of intimidated… vocabulary is my weak point, and reading is pretty much completely made up of vocabulary.  So scary 😮

Anyways, I’m super happy that I finished the textbook.  Yay for milestones!


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