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Learning Log

The last two days I’ve done basically zero Korean studying.  On Friday I had classes and work, and then after work I drove down to my parents’ house.  That threw my routine totally off, since I usually study before bed.  And then yesterday I  didn’t get the chance to study at work like I typically do, even though Saturdays are pretty slow days.

But it’s Labor Day weekend here in the States, which means that there’s no school Monday.  Also, I have hardly any homework, which is practically a miracle.  That means I’ll have a lot of free time today and tomorrow to catch up on what I missed the past two days.

Except for the last two days, I’ve actually done a fairly good job of keeping up with my daily goals so far.  I haven’t started reading Harry Potter yet, because I want to finish reviewing Korean Grammar in Use – Beginner first (I’m almost done!!).  We’ll see if I can keep up this consistency after I add in the reading goals.

I’m hoping to be done with Korean Grammar in Use (Beginner) by tomorrow.  I only have the last two units of the book to study, and I’ve already learned pretty much all of those topics through TTMIK.  Since it’s all review, I should get through it fairly quickly.  Fingers crossed!


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