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I’m a firm believer in consistency.

I think it all boils down to habit-forming.  If you do something every day, whether it’s brushing your teeth, taking a shower, going to school, or going to work, it becomes a natural part of your life.  Once a habit is formed, not doing the habit feels strange and unfamiliar.

That’s why days off of school/work are so great.  You’re so used to being constantly busy that having a day off feels beautiful and freeing.

I try to apply consistency to my language studies — right now, primarily Korean.  (Note — try is the key word here.  I’m not so great at succeeding.)

Forcing myself to study at least some Korean every day will hopefully turn it into a habit.  Once it’s a habit, I’m hoping spending the day without at least some Korean will feel weird — that I’ll want to study every day.

Consistency is much more impactful than just helping you to “want” to study more.  It also actually makes you more productive when you do study.  The more you’re exposed to any subject, but especially with languages, the less material you’ll forget.  I know for me personally, whenever I take a hiatus from studying, I feel the need to review like crazy.  All that time relearning what you already knew at some point is just a waste of study time.

Review actually isn’t a bad thing — in fact, I love reviewing — but when it turns into relearning, you’re just wasting your life.

I’m very good at wasting my life.  If I didn’t force myself to study (almost) every day, I probably wouldn’t study more than once a month…if that.

I’ll leave you with this lovely inspirational quote.  We all have dreams, but realistically, dreams rarely come true without a whole bunch of hard work.  Hopefully, that thought will help me stay motivated this semester…

habits quote


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