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Daily Korean Goals for the Semester

Finally, a post about Korean.  I realize it’s been a while.

The first week of school was kind of a litmus test for me to see how much time I would have this semester to incorporate daily Korean.  I’ve come up with a daily schedule that I think will work for me, although obviously it may have to be adapted as the semester goes on.

I’ve broken it down two different ways —  by day and by skill.

Korean Goals for a Typical Week:

  • Monday — 1 Korean Grammar in Use topic, vocab review
  • Tuesday — 1 KGIU topic, Harry Potter reading
  • Wednesday — 1 TTMIK podcast
  • Thursday — 1 KGIU topic, vocab review, Harry Potter
  • Friday — 1 KGIU topic, Harry Potter
  • Saturday — 1 KGIU topic, 1 lang-8 post, Harry Potter
  • Sunday — grammar review, Harry Potter

Korean Goals by Skill:

Grammar — I’m hoping to study 1 grammar point almost every day from Korean Grammar in Use, as well as 1 TTMIK lesson per week.  Over the weekend I’ll review everything I learned over the week.

Reading — I’m going to be reading the Korean version of Harry Potter I got for my birthday.  I’m hoping to get through at least one page per reading session.

Listening — For right now, not much.  I’ll get listening practice through the TTMIK podcasts and also through listening to K-pop.  I’m not currently watching any dramas, though that will probably change soon.

Writing —  This is where I want to improve.  Hopefully my weekly lang-8 posts will lead to improvement in my writing skills.

Speaking — Right now, this is limited to reading out loud and having Korean conversations with myself.  Yes, I do that.  No, I’m not crazy.  (Okay maybe a little…)

Vocabulary — I’m probably not going to go out and hunt down new vocabulary lists.  I’m just going to make note of useful vocabulary that I encounter in KGIU and Harry Potter.  Hopefully studying those words will help me grow my vocabulary more naturally through context.

How do you guys make studying plans?  Do you set short-term or long-term goals?  I tend to deal better with short-term goals.


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