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Possible Korean Friend?

Just finished my third day of classes, and I’m finally readjusted to the “school mentality”.  Today’s a busy day for me because I have to work tonight.  I only have a couple of hours between the end of classes and the start of work, and I’ll probably focus on schoolwork, so I won’t be able to accomplish much Korean stuff today.

Yesterday I did get to accomplish some Korean-related studying, but not nearly as much as I wanted to.  Somehow I ended up browsing the App Store on my phone, downloading 4 Korean-related apps, and playing around on them for about an hour.  Intention?  Do Homework.  Result?  Downloads Korean Games.  Yep, just another example of me and my stellar priorities.  After a week or so of experimenting with the apps, I might post a review.  So far a couple of them have impressed me.

Today I found out that there’s a Korean in my Public Speaking class.  Not a Korean American, but an actual Korean student who came to my college directly from Korea.  There was an empty seat next to her, so on Friday I’m going to try to sit next to her and (maybe? hopefully?) speak some Korean to her.  Since she’s an international student, I’m sure the idea of being in an Public Speaking class and having to present speeches in English is stressful.  It’s stressful enough for me, and I’m a native speaker!

I really hope that I’ll actually work up the nerve to speak some Korean to her.  The last time I met Koreans, I totally chickened out (see here).  At least I have two days to practice what I can say to her.


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