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Week 1 = Experimental Week — Study Plans

This first week of school is going to be my “test week” of sorts.  I’m not going to start making my semester Korean goals until I get through this week and figure out how my schedule is playing out.  This phase might even last for 2 weeks, but we’ll see.

Once I’m adjusted to this new schedule and have figured out how I’m going to schedule my study time (for both school and Korean), then I’ll make a new post with my Korean goals for the semester and my weekly plan.  Even then, the schedule will probably only be tentative.  Life can get crazy sometimes.

As for today, my schedule isn’t too bad.  I only have two classes, one in the morning, and one at night.  That leaves a big chunk of free time in the middle, which I’m looking forward to.  Since we haven’t done much in classes so far, I should be able to fit a good portion of Korean studying in there.  Yesterday I didn’t get any Korean studying done… 😦

The bad thing about these two classes today is that I’ve had both of these professors before, and I really disliked both of them.  One of them just wasn’t a very effective teacher, and the other one wasn’t a very reasonable grader.  Hopefully they’ll be better this semester.


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