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First Day of School — Dress Code vs. Free iPad

Well, I’m officially done with classes on this lovely first day of school.  The weather was rather dreary all day, but thankfully the rain held off until I was safely ensconced in my dorm room.

I could ramble on about all of my classes, but I want to focus on one in particular, which I’m kind of dreading — Technology and Applications in Secondary Mathematics Education.  I know.  Sounds thrilling.

It’s a two hour class that begins at 8 a.m..  Even that information alone was enough to make me not look forward to the class — I’m not even close to a morning person, so asking me to focus on something for 2 straight hours is asking a lot.  As soon as I walked in, though, I was told to go and get my iPad from the Resource Center.

That’s right.  I get a free iPad for the ENTIRE SEMESTER.

At this point of the morning, I’m stoked.  That feeling didn’t last long.

Throughout the course of the class, I found out several dreadful pieces of information.

  1.  For this class, professional/business casual attire is required.

This news literally ruined my whole day.  First of all, I just don’t have that much professional attire, so between my part-time job and this class 3 times a week, my wardrobe is going to be stretched very thin.  I’ll definitely have to go shopping, lest I wind up having to do laundry every four days.

Second of all, I live in the Southern United States.  That means for the majority of the fall semester, the weather is going to be very hot and very humid.  Typically, college girls wear t-shirts and athletic shorts to class, because that’s the coolest and most comfortable thing to wear.  Now, most days I’ll have to wear pants (because I don’t have many business casual shorts/skirts/dresses), which means I’m going to be drowning in the humidity.  Ugh.

2. We have to create a Twitter account.

This one isn’t as big of a deal to me, but it still irritates me a little.  I dislike it when teachers make things like social media mandatory.  I’ve never created a Twitter account, and I don’t really want to create one now.  It’s just going to be one more website to keep track of.

3.  We have to start a math blog.

Again, this one isn’t quite as annoying, but it’s going to be a hassle.  Again, teachers requiring social media participation is annoying, and blogging (at least for me) takes a lot of time.  Time that I don’t have.

Also, this math blog is required to be a WordPress blog, which means that I may have to change my screen name, which is extremely irritating to me.  It’s convenient to have both blogs easily accessible on one homepage, but I doubt my professor is going to want my comments to appear under the name “Someday Korean.”  I don’t want to change my screen name… 😡

4.  We have to attend labs outside of class.

This is a hassle purely for scheduling reasons.  I hate it when you find out after you sign up for a class that you are required to sign up for additional lab times.  They should advertise this ahead of time so that busy people — such as myself — can plan their schedule around it.

Well, this has turned into rather long, rant-filled post.  Hopefully this class isn’t as time-consuming as it appears right now…. We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “First Day of School — Dress Code vs. Free iPad

  1. A social media requirement is just plain weird… Is there a requirement for how often to use those accounts? Isn’t it possible to coordinate wordpress accounts with different usernames?

    As for the business attire, a few blouses will be enough depending on how often you have the class. Just two black skirts in different cuts (it doesn’t have to be pencil skirts) will go a long way and then you can use the blouses to alternate the look in case some people actually take notice of what you wear every time. At least that’s a good thing about being female: you can wear light blouses and it will still be “business attire”. The men have to wear dress shirts… and if it’s hot they will have to wear a T-shirt or undershirt underneath to avoid sweat patches…

    If it’s any consolation, I’ve worn double cuff shirts to class during my first degree… no kidding… I can assure you that sticking to blouses will make life so much easier (also in terms of ironing ;-))

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    1. For the twitter account, I’m not sure how he’s going to somehow make that mandatory. Will he make us tweet things? That seems stupid. As for the blog, I think he’s going to have us write responses to things we learn in class. He didn’t go into very much detail. I don’t mind blogging, but it’s kind of a hassle to deal with the separate accounts.

      Speaking of the WordPress accounts, I tried at first to add it to the same account I use for Someday Korean, but my screen name (the one that shows up when I comment) would have to be the same for both accounts. I would like to keep it as “Someday Korean”, but I don’t think that would be very “professional” in his eyes, so I just made another account with my other email address. It will be a bit more of a hassle logging in and out, but it’s only for a semester. I hope. (I might have this same professor in the future.)

      I know that in the long run having business attire will be beneficial — especially since my profession will require it. It’s just frustrating to find out about this requirement after I’m already all moved in. I had the whole summer free to shop, and now that I’m in the midst of a crazy semester, I find out I need new clothes. I don’t have time to shop. Argh.


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