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Decreased Free Time, Increased Productivity?

I’m a strange human.  The way I delegate my free time defies all logic and common sense.

The more free time I have, the less motivation I have to do anything productive.

The less free time I have, the more motivation I have to be productive.

It’s sad, really.  On the days where I’m as free as a bird, I laze around surfing the internet and thinking about all the things I COULD be doing.  Meanwhile on the days where my life is crazy-insane-busy, I manage to fit in random bits and pieces of homework/school studying/Korean studying.

I think it all comes down to my time management.  On days where my life is crazy-busy, I know my time is extremely important.  Thus, I don’t waste my day by surfing the internet — at least, not as much.  I still take some breaks to watch an occasional YouTube video or to talk to friends.  But on the whole I plan out how I spend my time much better.

On days where I have almost no obligations, I’m the complete opposite.  Just knowing I have a free day is almost a guarantee that I’ll spend my time wasting my life away on the internet or, heaven forbid, starting to marathon a new drama (I can’t seem to stop myself sometimes).  I think to myself, “Oh, I’ll do that homework stuff later…”, and the next thing you know the whole day is gone.

Because I function so well when I’m busy, I’m not as worried as the typical person might be about how crazy my semester is looking.  Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m taking 20 units of classes (2 more than the typical maximum), and I’m also working at 2 part-time jobs.  Because I won’t have as much free time as I used to, I’ll be able to maximize my productivity during those brief moments of bliss.

Also, it looks like I’ll be able to study a lot at my new job, which is amazing.  That should leave more time for my language studies during the rest of the day.  🙂

Three days ’til the crazy begins!


4 thoughts on “Decreased Free Time, Increased Productivity?

  1. I’m exactly the same. I function so much better under pressure. I think that’s also why people say “if you want something done, ask a busy person”.
    Maybe we actually need the contrast, though. If we keep going in the same high pace whether we actually have a tight schedule or not, we will burn out in the end so the occasional day where we laze around might be a good investment.

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    1. Very true about the contrast. There are definitely some super busy weeks that I can remember, where by the time the weekend rolled around I could barely even function anymore. Those are the days when it just feels beautiful to take the day off from working/studying and just bask in the feeling of having nothing to do.


      1. I remember one morning where I almost made oatmeal in my coffee maker instead of coffee, left the juice on the coffee’s spot (i.e. outside the fridge) and only found out when the coffee tin didn’t fit in the juice’s spot in the fridge… That was during a phase where I would habitually set my alarm clock on my phone when entering the train to go to uni – just in case. I learned to balance things a little more since then.

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