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Moving In — D-4

Today I finally moved back into my dorm.  Now that I’m actually back at college, I can practically feel the looming schoolwork breathing down my neck.

For some reason my family and I decided to choose the 7:30 a.m. move-in time slot.  (To control traffic flow, the university makes you choose a time slot when you can park your car right in front of your dorm for unloading purposes.)  Since we live almost an hour away, that means we had to leave at ~6:30 a.m..  It felt horrid waking up at 5 this morning to finish packing.  (I’m not a morning person.  At all.)

Moving is really exhausting.  I had to fill out paperwork, unload a bunch of boxes and bins, lug them all up to my 2nd floor room, and then unpack/put together everything.  Then my parents and I went to buy my textbooks, bought groceries, and got lunch together. That whole process took SIX HOURS.

In that respect, having an early time slot is a great thing.  Yeah, you have to wake up extra early, but then you finish extra early as well.  Now I have the whole rest of the day to finish organizing my stuff, prepare for school, and (hopefully) study some Korean.  I should probably interact with my new suitemates, too….

Today’s my last free day before the crazy begins.  Tomorrow I start training at my new part-time job, which is at the local tennis center.  I absolutely adore tennis, so I’m hoping this job is going to be super fun.

With 2 part-time jobs and 20 units of classes, this semester is going to be insanely busy for me.  Tomorrow I’ll probably write about my time-management skills (or lack thereof) and how I’m planning to manage the craziness.

¡Hasta luego!


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