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Daily Goal — D-5

Here it is.  My last true day of summer.  Tomorrow I’ll be moving into my dorm, and from then until Monday I’ll be preparing for my fall classes and training for my new part-time job.

Yesterday I went through most of my dorm stuff from last year, including my old notes and papers.  I can be a hoarder sometimes, so it’s hard for me to throw away old notes and quizzes.  I’m always thinking “But what if I want to look through these again sometime…”.  As if I’d want to look at my old math notes….

I did keep most of my Chinese notes and exercises for review purposes.  That’s the one subject I know I’ll actually go back to and look over, since I want to keep studying Mandarin in the future.  Throwing away old reading passages and exercises seems stupid — free study materials!  Looking at my old Chinese papers made me realize that 1) Mandarin is fun and I should keep studying it and 2) my Chinese handwriting is horrid.  I want to have pretty characters…. 😦

I managed to squeeze in a few minutes of Korean studying last night, but today I should be able to be much more productive.  I’m almost done packing up my stuff, and once I’m done with that I’ll be free to study as much as I’d like.  Although I think my mom wants to run some errands with me…. We’ll see how much time I actually spend studying.  It’s been several days since I’ve spent time in a textbook, so I’m looking forward to studying again.


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