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Phrase of the Day — 머리가 깨질 것 같다

This phrase comes from the TTMIK lesson (Level 8 Lesson 21) that I listened to yesterday.  It was an Advanced Idiomatic Expressions lesson on 머리 (head).

I chose this to be my Phrase of the Day because yesterday I had a horrible headache all the way from the early afternoon until I went to bed around 11:30.

“머리가 깨질 것 같다” literally translates to “to think your head is breaking”, but more naturally translates to “to have a bad headache”.  It can also be interchanged with “머리가 깨질 것처럼 아프다”, which literally means “[my] head hurts as if it will be broken”.

Here’s a (true) sample sentence using this phrase:  어제 머리가 깨질 것처럼 아파서 공부를 조금 밖에 못 했는데, 오늘은 머리가 아프지 않아서 공부를 많이 할 수 있을 것 같다.

Translation:  Yesterday I had such a bad headache that I could only do a little bit of studying, but today my head doesn’t hurt, so I think I’ll be able to study a lot.

Besides the TTMIK lesson I listened to yesterday (which I listened to before my headache struck), my Korean studying consisted only of updating my vocabulary sets on Quizlet.  (I’m now up to 199 vocabulary words from Korean Grammar in Use.)  I didn’t even attempt to study any grammar, because I knew my headache would make that process miserable.

Since I feel better today (so far, anyways), I’m hoping to make up for yesterday’s lack of progress today.


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