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Reality Check — D-14

Two weeks have passed since I made my goals for my last month of summer (see here), and exactly two weeks from now I’ll be back in classes.  I figured since I’m halfway through my time period for the goals I would check to see how far along I am in accomplishing them.

  • Getting all the way through Level 9 of TTMIK — Okay, when I made that goal, I planned to go through 55 lessons in 31 days (which I admit is completely insane).  17 days have passed, and I still have 40 lessons to go.  There’s no way I’m accomplishing this goal, so I’m going to modify it to something much more achievable.  New Goal:  Finish Level 8 of TTMIK before school starts.  10 lessons in 14 days is much more reasonable, and this way I can focus on my other goals, which are of higher importance to me right now.
  • Go back through all 3 of my beginner textbooks as review —  This is where I’ve spent most of my time.
    • Read & Speak Korean for Beginners – I flipped through it this past weekend, and that’s all I’m going to do.  At this point in my studying career, it’s of no use to me.  I’ll probably post a review soon.
    • Korean Grammar in Use (Beginner) – If you’ve been keeping up with my daily goals, you know that I’ve been trucking through this one pretty steadily.  In order to finish my review in the next 14 days, I’ll have to review 3-4 grammar points per day.  Not easy, but not impossible either.
    • Integrated Korean (Beginner 1) – I’m leaving this one alone until I finish KGIU, since there’s a lot of grammar overlap.  Then I’ll just leaf through this one, read all of the dialogues and reading passages, and make sure I know all the vocabulary and that I’m not missing out on any grammar points.
  • Get new textbooks — Complete!  Check out my previous post (here) to see the study materials I got for my birthday.
  • Work as many hours as possible — In progress.  My little pile of cash is slowly growing.
  • Unpack — Sadly, I haven’t unpacked anything since I made my goals 2 weeks ago.  I am planning to start going through boxes in the next day or two, though.

Conclusion 1:  I’m lazy. — Sad, but true.  Despite my part-time job, I have hours upon hours of free time every day that I could be devoting to useful things, like studying or unpacking.  Instead, I’m surfing the internet or goofing off with my brother.  Why am I wasting my life away??

Conclusion 2:  My goals are not impossible. — At least, my new improved goals aren’t impossible.  As long as I stop being so lazy and actually work every day to accomplish what I need to accomplish, my goals are 100% achievable.

2 weeks to go.  Let’s do this, self.  화이팅!


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