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Daily Goal — D-17

Finally, a successful day!  Not only did I achieve my goal yesterday, but I actually doubled it — I studied for an hour and a half.

Actually, most of the day was spent being ridiculously lazy.  Then, at 10 p.m., I finally got together the motivation to plop myself into my desk chair and start studying.

The reason I studied for so long was because I wanted to get through all of KGIU Unit 7 (Demands/Obligations, Permission/Prohibition), because almost all of the grammar structures revolve around the same verb (되다).  I figured going through all of the similar structures at once would help me remember the differences between them the best.  I had already learned the grammar structures through TTMIK in the past, but going through them all back-to-back was a great review.

I also studied two TTMIK lessons – Level 8 Lessons 15 and 16.  Lesson 15 was a survey of the different future tenses (mostly review), and Lesson 16 covered Advanced Idiomatic Expressions with 가슴(chest/heart).  I’ll probably (hopefully) make a Quizlet set for those expressions today.

Since I’m not working today, I’m going to set my goal a smidgen higher than yesterday’s.  Hopefully I can garner up the same motivation I got last night and overachieve again.  I just hope my inspiration comes before 10 p.m. this time.


  • study Korean for at least 1 hour
  • study 2 TTMIK lessons

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