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Daily Goal — D-22

Two days ago I decided to try studying at a local university library instead of at my desk at home.  I was there for two and a half hours and accomplished various things, mainly studying Korean Grammar in Use (KGIU), updating my KGIU vocabulary Quizlets (I’m now up to 147 words), and studying that vocabulary.  While I did get a lot done, my brain kind of hurt by the time I left.

I’ve been trying to decide how to study the Advanced Idiomatic Expressions lessons from TTMIK.  Since those lessons are pretty much a list of phrases and what they mean, I’m going to start making Quizlets for those lessons too.  Then about once a week I can flip through those flashcards and re-familiarize myself with the expressions and their meanings.  Right now, I’m more concerned with recognizing the expressions when I hear/read them than trying to incorporate them into my own speech.

Today, I’m going over to a friend’s house to hang out, and I’m not sure how long I’m going to be there.  Since I could end up there all day, my goals for today are going to be pretty small.  If I have time, I’ll do more.

July 26 Goals:

  • make Quizlets for TTMIK’s first 3 Advanced Idiomatic Expressions lessons
  • study those Quizlets and the KGIU vocab Quizlets

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