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Daily Goal — D-25

I guess I set my goals too low yesterday, because I overachieved them and yet I still didn’t feel like I did much studying.  Last night while my nails were drying (yay for painted nails!) I listened to Level 8 Lesson 8 from TTMIK, which talks about -(으)면 좋겠어요 (I wish/hope…).  It’s a pretty common saying in dramas, so the structure was quite familiar and easy to pick up.

Today I think I’m going to focus on TTMIK lessons.  I really want to get all the way through level 9 in these last 25 days of summer.  None of the next several lessons are on new grammar structures, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get through them quickly.

June 23 Goals:

  • study KGIU vocabulary Quizlets
  • review KGIU textbook for 20 minutes
  • listen to 4 TTMIK lessons

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