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Daily Goal — D-26

So, it turns out that I had a lot more vocabulary jotted down from Korean Grammar In Use (KGIU) than I originally thought.  93 words!  (I was guessing around 50).  Nevertheless, I made Quizlet sets for the vocab and studied them a few times.  The KGIU review also went pretty well.  I only looked up 10 vocab words during my entire study session.

I listened to 2 TTMIK grammar lessons too – Level 8 Lessons 6 and 7.  While I haven’t made any practice sentences yet, Lesson 6 seemed fairly straightforward.  Lesson 7 was a Word Builder lesson, and to be honest, I don’t usually do much beyond listening to the lesson and looking at the key Hanja.

Today I have to work, so I won’t have as much on my to-do list.  As long as I do a little bit every day, I’ll be happy.

July 22 Goals:

  • Review yesterday’s Quizlets
  • Review KGIU for 20 minutes
  • Paint my nails

I know that last goal is totally non-Korean related, but I still really want to get it done.  🙂


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