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Daily Goal – D-27

I was right.  I like daily goals much better.

I achieved yesterday’s goal of 1.5 hours of reviewing my Korean Grammar in Use (KGIU) textbook.  I broke the review up into three ~30 minute chunks of studying time.  Full disclosure – I may have been slightly distracted with texting during the second chunk.

It’s taking me a lot longer than I thought it would to go through some of these easy grammar sections because of the vocabulary.  I’m making a point to look up every word that I don’t know and to jot it down on a list.  For some of the example sentences, they use some surprisingly obscure words (for example – dolphin/porpoise.  I barely even know what a porpoise is in English…), but I jot them down anyways.

This is actually my favorite way to be introduced to new vocabulary — seeing the word in context and seeing what verbs are used with what nouns, etc.  It’s a much more natural way of learning words than just memorizing vocabulary lists.

Today I’m finally going to make an effort to actually memorize those vocabulary words, because some of them keep popping up over and over again.  The better I know the common words that the textbook uses, the faster I can go through the review.

With that in mind, here’s today’s goal.  My whole day is pretty free, so I should have plenty of time to work through this.

July 21 Goal:

  • make (and study) Quizlet sets for KGIU vocabulary
  • study 2 new TTMIK lessons
  • review KGIU for 20 minutes

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