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Daily Goal – D-28

Four weeks until classes start!

During these four weeks, I’ve decided to change my tactics a little bit.  Weekly goals are okay, but I think they’re a little too long-term for me.  For example, I finished last week’s goal around Wednesday.  Maybe I’m just not good at setting long-term goals that suit my schedule.  I tend to either set my expectations either too high, where they’re basically impossible to accomplish, or too low, where I fly through them.

I still made the most of the rest of last week, studying a few Hanja and going through some review in my textbooks.  Still, I’ve decided to switch to daily goals.  Daily goals are easier to make, because it’s a lot easier to visualize one day and how to fit in studying than it is with a whole week’s time.

With that in mind, here’s my goal for today.  It’s already past noon, and I’m playing tennis tonight, but I still think I can fit in a good chunk of studying.

July 20 Goal – Review Korean Grammar in Use for 1.5+ hours.


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