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Goal Setter #2

This post is a little late, since my last Goal Setter’s goal ended on Sunday, but better late than never.

My goal was to create at least 500 flashcards by Sunday, which I accomplished.  By the end of Saturday I had actually overdone myself a tad, finishing with 513 flashcards created.

Have I actually studied all of these flashcards?  Well, no, but I’m not as worried about that.  Once I actually have flashcards, I’m much more inclined to actually study those words. I’ve gone through a good chunk of the flashcards a few times, and so far it’s been fairly helpful.

I got most of the vocabulary from two of the courses that I’m learning on Memrise – “1000 Most Common Korean Words” and “1001-2000 Most Common Korean Words.”  My process basically consisted of going through those courses and picking out the vocab that I was still having trouble remembering and writing them down.  I’ve looked at all of those words at least a few times before, which is why I made my goal so high.

This week my goal is going to be grammar-focused, although I’m going to make an effort to continue to study the flashcards I made last week.

Goals: (to be accomplished by this Sunday, July 19)

  1. Review TTMIK Level 3 Lessons 1-10.
  2. Study TTMIK Level 8 Lessons 1-5.
  3. Use Lang-8 to write practice sentences using these grammatical structures.

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