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Goal Setter #1

Happy 4th of July!

This past week I’ve been pretty consumed by Wimbledon.  I’ve watched at least 7 hours of tennis per day – I know, I’m obsessed – and so obviously I haven’t been putting as much effort towards my Korean studies as I wanted.

I’ve tried to pull up TTMIK PDF files to study while I watch, but it’s tough to focus on a tennis match and a grammar point at the same time, so I’ve changed strategies a bit.  From today until the end of Wimbledon (next Sunday), I’m going to put grammar to the side for a bit and focus on building up my Korean flashcard collection.

Flashcards are pretty fast to make and it will be a lot easier to fit them into my tennis-watching schedule.  In between points and games I can flip through a couple of words.  To be honest, my vocabulary studying has been lacking the past couple of weeks anyways, so this will be a good way to work it back into my schedule.

Goal:  have 500 new flashcards made by next Sunday (July 12).


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